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05-29-2012, 07:32 PM
Originally Posted by Geoff_484
First, I'd like to start off with pointing out that this post could be interpreted as me "complaining about other complainers". However, I think it is important for me to do this because my complaining actually has one important goal and that is to make certain players understand that the Bird of Prey is NOT over powered.

I love pvping, I love pvping with my Klingon because I'm an idiot anti-conformist who always goes for the under dog and even though we wipe the floor with you Feds during PvP, over all this is YOUR game. You have more content, costumes, ships, etc. After levels of grinding (not sure if it's much grinding anymore, haven't leveled any toons since they levels for the kdf were cut) we develop some sort of hatred for Feds out of jealousy. It's kind of cool in a way, because as weird as it might sound it makes for great immersion being a Klingon - It's almost like we're being trained like soldiers to hate Feds and learn how to blow them up in the most effective way possible.

So when I PvP I like to have my black cat, Binx, lying on my lap while I stroke his black fur and grin as I take out Feds in one clean sweep with very little struggle. But sometimes, once in a while, and I'll use tonight as an example - I try to attack a player that I stand NO chance against.

I was playing Capture and Hold, taking out your escorts, cruisers, and even carriers with complete ease. I spotted a Caitian carrier making a cap, I began stroking Binx firmly as I powered up, decloaked and... got completely owned. I brought his shield facing down to little less than half, it powered right back up, I was caught in a mess of tractors beams, I spammed my eng batteries and evasive manuevers and he followed me just like Ricky, the kid that used to chase me and beat me up after school everyday and laugh with his demonic freckled face while he pounded me into submission. I cloaked thinking "okay, NOW I'm safe" I decloaked right away and Ricky... I mean the player of this carrier continued pounding on me and killed me. All of that happened in less than 30 seconds...

I tried convincing myself "Oh he was just lucky" I waited for all my cooldowns to finish and found him alone again, seeking revenge and gave it everything I got and... got completely owned again. I threw my head set on the ground, reached under Binx' belly and chucked him across my bedroom at a wall. I marched up to him and began pointing in his face, yelling and screaming all sorts of curses. I wasn't screaming because I lost though, I was screaming because even though I can usually blow up a Fed ship with ease there's some Feds who are just as capable, or even more capable at PvP than a Klingon. Feds have majority of the voice in the STO community so when they something in the other faction needs to be nerfed I get terrified that it might actually happen.

See, if my first run of attack doesn't blow you up quickly, I'm pretty much doomed. Sure, there might be some players that can survive and do fantastic dps in a BoP, but there's a lot of Defiant players who are the same way - In fact, I have a Fed tac in a defiant that I think could take out my BoP.

I can't speak for all BoP players when I say this - But even though we can take you out in one run doesn't mean it doesn't take a substantial amount of effort. Not only does your loadout has to be right, but the timing, the maneuvering - These are hit and run ships and if we can't run and don't get you on that initial alpha, we're screwed.
1 tiny TT+EPTS or RSP will counter the best Alpha anyway... its the players incompetence to not being able to block such an attack anyway.