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05-29-2012, 07:39 PM
I've never really had trouble with a lone BoP (maybe once when I was really green to the game?). In fact I had one BoP in Ker'rat who just would not give up the ghost and still failed to kill me (while dying in the process) after my shields had dropped and I'd drawn Tac Cube aggro.

The only time BoPs give me pause is if they're in packs. Even then it's usually just a lame back-and-forth where they'll spam cloak/EM until they're on their third or fourth pass or whatever. It's a strong ship to be sure (I still don't understand why it has universal BOff stations) but people don't seem to realize how easy it is to soak damage in this game (EPtS, RSP, AP: D, the various resist buffs...). Just remember that you're not dead until your hull's at zero: it sounds obvious but it's the difference between someone panicking and someone still dumping damage up to their last keystroke.