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05-30-2012, 02:19 AM
The TacEscort torpedo built is a controversial built, I know, I am experimenting with it and have great fun. I do not play PvP and high end PvE, so whatever I do, it might be useless in the end.

What is the fun? You fly fast and turn fast and a lot. It makes the space combat dynamic and gives you an impression that position and manouvring has a meaning. That is the reason to pick and escort. I tried a science vessel, but I found the ship ugly and slow.

How to? I buff all my defensive skills as much as possible, you are going to tank a little. You don't have much hull, so shields is everything.

The breen set is nice for the transphasic buff, but I prefer the Jem'Haddar set. This set gives a weapon power buff when weapon power is set to low and I run with low weapon power, high speed, semi high shield and low aux. Something like 30/60/70/30. Actual number will be higher as you put points in weapons, shields and engine.

Since I want to go fast they should go slow, so I prefer the chroniton torpedo and minelauncher, hence I have no use for the Breen set. In front, chroniton torpedo, har'peng and two dual heavy or a dual heavy and a dual beam bank. Aft plasma torpedo, chroniton mine launcher and a beam array.

As is said, torpedoes do not much against shielded targets. The har'peng and the plasma have a dot, which ignores shield. The har'peng also have this extended AoE explosion; har'peng is a must have for a torpedo boat.

Spread prevails above high yield. Spread can be used as defense against fighters, torpedo salvoes etc (the same can be said about mines). You also should have doffs with recharging time boosters for torpedo firing, this also neglects high yield in a way. My set up is high yield 1, spread 2 and dispersal pattern B 3, further tac team 1, attack pattern Beta, Omega and rapid firing.

Other Boffs skills are about shield defense/repair and polarize hull. Like I said, you have to tank a bit, bigger targets you have to wear out while you try to not take big hits. That is my idea, you might not have an optimal build, but then you can have a more challenging game and then what is more fun than experimenting and walking a different road?