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05-30-2012, 01:30 AM
Originally Posted by breakout View Post
2 quick questions Cygone

1. I see why you have the 2 developmental lab specialist but is healing really worth two doff slots in this build. I'm running a purple warp core engineer and a sensors officer instead(I'm a Sci). those two seem to fill 2 important roles in the build ( more power and damage mitigation from big targets)

2. Are the disruptors that much better than tetryons? if the main goal is to knock shields down, then why not tet turrets with 2 pieces of Omega and 2 piece borg...

Lastly I tried this build with the tac oddessy and it was lethal in PVE but I had to dedicate too many boff powers and 2 doffs for maneuverability. and lack ofa CPB 3 really slowed it down. ( I went Tachyon2 and CPB 2 instead.) It seems much more efficient on the Intrepid. Although I'm curious how it would work on a bortosque with the 5 tac consoles..
1. It's a toss up between more reactive and more preventative measures, from what I found 15 sec ST was just to good to give up. I would just suggest palying with both and seeing which one fits your play style better. Saying that, ST gives far higer HPS than SS will in terms of damage preventation. Correct me if I am wrong by ST also has a 10km range and SS has a 5,

2. Basically yes. Tetryon works vs shields, Disruptor works vs hull, STFs are all about unshielded targets, this gives Dis a huge lead in terms of DPS over Tet