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05-30-2012, 01:36 AM
For those that think a Torpedo Boat is not viable in STO... It very much is possible. The advantage for the KDF with a Torpedo Boat is with the B'Rel Refit at T5 and the Enhanced Battle Cloak. But the basic heart of the armament, BOFF skills, etc., are all the same.

I've used the Torpedo Boat in STFs, and have landed alot of damage and be a contributor to the overall effort.

Now, when STO first came out, a bunch of us tried to make a Torpedo Boat work, but it just couldn't happen. With the way things are, it is actually possible now.

A Fed and KDF Torpedo Boat at its basic idea is the same. The crucial difference is the KDF ships being generally cloakable, with the B'Rel T5 Refit's Enhanced Battle Cloak playing a huge part. Still, building a Fed Torpedo Boat is easy because one of the key components, the Hargh'peng Torpedo, is very easy to get from PvE questing that you can easily replay. The only way the KDF gets the torpedo is a lucky DOFF mission to pop up or a having high end, expensive crafting.