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05-30-2012, 05:58 AM
Originally Posted by Dabba2087
Well, I figured it would be an upgraded excelsior

I figured I'd be facing my enemy 60% of the time, most of the time I'm turning in circles,
Which one is it?

It can't be both.

60% of the time is "most of the time", so are you facing your target most of the time or are you turning in circles most of the time?

Originally Posted by Dabba2087
distributing damage across my sheilds and alternating my torpedo tubes, front, rear and repeat.
If you are running with Projectile Weapon DOFFs, then you should never need your rear torpedos and would be much better off always keeping the fore torpedos on target.

If that's the case, and you are in fact 'facing your target most of the time', then you should run forward facing weapons such as

FORE: Single Cannon x2, Quantum Torps x2
AFT: Turrets x4

Originally Posted by Dabba2087
As you can see my build reflects torpedo damage, with the consoles, my skills, boff powers and doffs. I do have full points in threat control.
At least you have threat control, thatís good.

As far as damage, what you see and what I see are two very different things.
I see a ship that isnít very good at forward facing attacks and isnít very good at broadsiding.

You canít have it all in this game, you need to choose which you want to do Ė Face your targets or keep them in your broadside arc.
Itís one or the other, so pick one and then be good at it.

Originally Posted by Dabba2087
The one thing that bothers me too is the weak broadside. I guess I should replace the DBB with a beam array? The whole reason i took my excelsior over my assault cruiser was the better turn rate for torps, and HY3. I have an escort for the faster stuff. I was also going to build a seperate beam boat idea.
Yes but why does that mean Torps both fore and aft to you?

Running Torps aft means you have weapons fore and aft that do not complement each other.

There is a difference between thinking your ship is ďgood at damageĒ and actually knowing it, so hunt around for one of the log parsers and parse your combat logs Ė youíll probably be very surprised at how much or how little damage you are doing relative to the other ships on your teams.

Originally Posted by Dabba2087
I prefer Spread over BFAW because the latter targets everything around you, spread is just in the arc you are firing in. I prefer not to draw too much aggro, or rather, i find I have more control of my targets with spread.

Targeting everything around you is the exact reason you should have FAW on a cruiser. Aside from this power being able to pull double duty as a ST and AoE damage boost, it is a great way to get aggro.

Aggro control is what you are there for in a Cruiser on teams.

If you do not want aggro, you should be in a different ship, because Cruisers that avoid threat and avoid aggro while being a middling damage dealer really do not help their teams at all.

You took threat control, so obviously you want some aggro but you do understand that NPC ships you do not hit with your attacks will not be affected by your threat control?