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05-30-2012, 06:27 AM
ehh... the statement that universal boffs make the BoP OP, means that on a BoP you can set up the boffs in some way that is superior to that on any fed ship. Can it?

The only thing I can see, is a sci commander that can make the BoP into some sort of sci-tac hybrid, but I've never managed to make this setup more successful than a regular commander tac build. (Ok, we have the whacky PSW3 build, but that's not really more efficient than a regular CRF3 build) All the good boff combinations can be replicated on a fed ship, + you gain one extra ensign slot!

So for boff slots, BoPs ar -1
Weapons, BoPs are -1
Hull, BoPs are -1
Console slots, 3 tac consoles means BoP is -1

That's the downside, so what is good about the BoP+

Turnrate, though outdone by the seperated MVAM, is still better than most ships. +1
Battle cloak, means you can re-cloak and turn around faster after fleeing the battle, +1

This seriously looks to me like BoPs are underpowered if anything...

One of my favourite chars is PvPing in a BoP, mostly because I PUG, and don't want to wait for red alert to clear before i can turn around and re-engage after fleeing. But if the raptor would turn in a not-so-wierd way, I think it would be my choise. (Heck, if I hadn't spent my dili on c-points and bought keys for it, I would have been able to afford a Raptor, and would most likely swap :p )