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05-30-2012, 06:29 AM
Sluggo2, please read the TOS
If you can't be polite and respectful, don't post at all.

In T3 Escort
4,087 base per torp
7,283 per torp with AP:A3, AP:O3, TacTeam1
7,996 per torp with AP:A3, AP:O3, TacTeam1, TacFleet2
7,130 per torp with AP:A3, AP:B1, TacTeam1, TacFleet2 (doesn't account for the -30% resist)

Did some PvE and PvP testing. Did great against sci ships; not so good against full defensive cruiser. Reamed its way through npcs...

Ran it through Infected (Elite - private) and Cure (Normal) and chewed through the borg. Had some technical issues though; I ran it without a beam and "fire all" doesn't work unless you have a beam.