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05-30-2012, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by Dabba2087
When i say I dont want aggro, I dont want EVERYTHING on me. My ship can tank, but against a number of spheres, it wont last long, and i have to bug out to repair sheilds. I simply like having more control over what I hit is all. If i want to hit everything, i pull out a bit, and fire a spread.
Well, fair enough I suppose.

Keep in mind though, the Escort floating next to you who loaded up with multiple copies of CSV & Torp Spread to help cut borg down faster, or the Sci ship who just dropped a Grav well to clump 9and **** off) your enemies up into a pretty kill-me-ball have even less ability to tank those spheres than you do.

Originally Posted by Dabba2087
Why isnt it good to mix beams and cannons?
Because beam skills only help beams, and cannon skills only help cannons/turrets.

So if you have BFAW you help all of your beams, if you have CSV you help all of your cannons/turrets.

You want to minimize the number of weapons you're very, very few tac skills do not boost. Yes, that even means your Excelsior with 3 tac powers (a tiny number, compared to an Escort).

Originally Posted by Dabba2087
If so, ill switch out the beam for the turret. The beam is there for a little more kick for broadsides and the rear facing arcs. I know they do more damage than turrets, and even more so at range. Broadsides are nice now, 2 cannons, 2 turret and 1 beam.
If you have 3 turrets rear and 1 beam, and you are broadsiding with that and use CSV or CRF, I think you will either come out even or surpass by using 4x turrets as all 4 aft weapons now benefit.

Originally Posted by Dabba2087
The reason i still have a torpedo in the rear is because when I'm broadsiding, i dont always want to turn into my target, but i may want to fire another spead. Im hesitant about using tircobalt simply because i like to keep the same weapon types.

As I mentioned up-thread.

Pick one: Broadsiding OR Forward Facing.

If you're broadsiding constantly and want to keep torps then put 1 Torp fore and 1 Torp aft, and the rest should be 6 beam arrays. Now you can broadside and bring torps on target when the opportunity is there.