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05-30-2012, 11:35 AM
I think that we need to be able to design the interior using a foundry tool and the ship should starbase should be populated by out characters in the fleet that are not in-game. That would be cool to walk past your own toon when walking down the corridors. AND they will (could) be in the appropriate uniform.. No NPC's except for DOFFS and the transporter and shuttle bay officer

Originally Posted by Tallex
Wouldn't mind some sort of "Ship Crafting" system.
I really think that this is something that they are look at. I would like to see us able to recycle old ships to help craft new ones.

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Wouldn't mind seeing a Boff training center. Send a BOFF to train and it comes back with different powers or something.
I like this! Or a place where other fleet members could train your boff. Like a briefing room wher you are able to beam down all of your boffs that stand in a straight line for inspection and others can see and train them if you wish.