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05-30-2012, 12:58 PM
Originally Posted by Miles_Lanier
You said you lost a significant amount of dilithium in the conversion, if the effort to get a veteran bridge officer is higher than this lost amout (which is basicly reached at 13+ master keys) i still dont see the point why this boff should be limited to a small amount of players. Do you think of yourself that you are better than the rest and deserve something special and the rest of the players not?

Mr. J
Yea... Actually I think I deserve something unique to me and the others who lost a great deal of work in this scam.

Yes... I don't think you can take something from people, that they have put time into, reward them something else, and then give it for peanuts to everyone.

And on this point, we are very much diffrent (not better) than other players.... Not really my problem that you can't see that.

Just like thoose PvP'ers back then who were forced to fly around for two weeks with 65K negative skill-points, who recived a reward for that... They deserve that uniqueness too.