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05-30-2012, 08:36 PM
Originally Posted by DoobiusMaximus View Post
Not sure if my issue is quite the same as yours, but ive noticed my "exchange sale expired" mail will only get delivered after switching maps.

Last week I had a few items disappear off the exchange search, my listed auctions, and weren't in my mail box. Logged in a few times over the next 2 days, while never leaving ESD, and still couldnt find those items on the exchange or in my mail. Then on the third day I entered a pvp match, and as soon as the map loaded I got 4 "exchange sale expired" pieces of mail delivered that were dated from 3 days earlier.
That worked! The moment I changed maps, I received mail indicating that the sales had expired. I suppose I would have figured out that out sooner or later, but I appreciate the help. Tip of the hat...