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05-30-2012, 09:49 PM
captain's personal log, supplemental.

command has given me orders to report for reassignment. right now i am very torn about the whole deal. yes, i always wanted a command that had adventure, but the crew of the Nightshade have none the less, been the finest in the fleet. the Tiberian Sun awaits my arrival, and her newer crew awaits direction, the Nightshade will be in good hands with her new captain.

my own departure ceremony is later this week. addressing this fine crew will be the hardest thing of all. kevas, the chief engineer of the Nightshade has been with me since the beginning. i am no doubt that his andorian sarcasm will be dearly missed by me, because command will not allow his transfer to the Tiberian Sun. he will take this reassignment the hardest.

i must return to my farewell speech, but to my dismay, it will only make things that much more difficult for the crew and myself. command has their reasons for this, and i hope that they are the right ones. this fine crew, this fine ship will be dearly missed. i just hope that their new co has the passion and drive that i had when i came aboard.

farewell my friends, as our journey together ends, new ones will begin.