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05-30-2012, 09:54 PM
Well, I flew another couple sorties in the PvP game and it wasn't pretty. I got spanked. The debrief isn't an attack on the qualities of ship but instead a recognition of the coordination of pilots. The Klingons simply flew as better wings.

You could have the most ridiculous ship in the galaxy and I don't think it would be possible to engage more than 2 middling opponents. Typically I was taking fire from three sometimes 4 and getting popped like a zit. Their coordination is to be admired and respected.

I hadn't encountered carriers and their squadrons as opposition before and it interfered with my ability to target critical elements. While it was possible to mire them collectively the little beasts were like chaff and proved a real hassle as they screened the enemy and made selective targeting time consuming.

I had to switch in a point defence console at the expense of of some other more tested equipment. I didn't like to do that because it's a one trick pony with a long cooldown that contributes nothing to other ship systems.

I am still pleased with my ship. I know it needs some refinements and eventually I would like to refit systems with mk xii gear but the real problem seems larger than one ship. It might be possible to tweak a ship but the rewards or advantages here could be measured behind decimal points. To have real success you have to fly as a team. In future I may be looking for wingers

In response to Shinkuu-Akagan's coomments in respect to TR and GW their effects did seem rather ineffectual against other players. On the other hand the tractor beam seemed to function to the same standard it had against E opponents.

I still haven't committed to the removal of my science team but it remains under consideration. As an aside I actually run two hazard emitters and like then in tandem with my tactical team.

I've commented on DPS before and it hasn't been that important. One thing I am considering is removing the BO2 ability from my Lt Tac and replacing it with BFAW2. The "damage spike"(insert laughter here) that results from beam overload eats my weapons power and results in a significant drop in my damage output afterwards. I think it would be better to maintain steady fire and replacing it with fire at will would offer superior tactical applications.

I do like the point defense unit but it is really a waste on this ship and with this captain as I have built them. With a tactical captain I'd be more inclined to retain it for cannon shenanigans but here not so much.