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# 6 U.S.S. Kano - Final Voyage
05-30-2012, 09:57 PM
A lone man stood at the window overlooking the docked ships located within the Earth Space Dock. Each ship awaiting new orders from their captains to proceed out of space dock and into the new frontiers. Each one with her own story. A Constitution Class vessel floated by before finally docking in the ESD's many airlock connection tubes. The man gave a sigh before turning away from the window to the Andorian woman standing next to him. Her pale-blue eyes watching his movements.

"Something bothering you, Sir?" She asked, her antennae twisting slightly to focus on him.

Grey eyes met blue ones as he gave a brief nod, "New orders from Starfleet." His yellow uniform displaying that he was an engineer didn't deter from the fact that he wore command pips along his collar. "We are to disembark the Kano and report to the Columbia for reassignment."

"But sir. You only took that command offer once Captain Reynolds was killed during that ambush." The Andorian woman stood closer to the man, looking at his pips for a moment to confirm that he was still a Lieutenant. "Do they know that you're not command qualified?"

"Mirra," The Lieutenant placed his hand on her shoulder, "Starfleet seems to think that I'd make a good Captain some day. And they're providing me that opportunity." He shook his head and leaned down to whisper into her ear, "And the Kano has too much damage that the brass cannot afford to have the crew on standby while it's sitting in drydock. It'll be a temp assignment, then we will be back on the Kano once repaired."

Mirra looked up at her commanding officer, her hands wringing between them as she studied his face. "How are you going to break it to the command staff, Markus? You know Perry's going to be pretty ticked that he wont be there to supervise the reconstruction."

Markus laughed, genuinely brightening up as he knew how his chief engineer got some times with any repair work that was done on the Kano, especially after the last time the Kano was in drydock at Utopia Planitia. "I'm sure the new assignment will let him keep in contact with the repair crews at ESD to make sure his 'baby' doesn't get the wrong parts." His hand that was on her shoulder slid to the opposite as he turned her towards the turbolift. "I'll need to make the general announcement anyway, so we might as well do it at the conference room."

The woman smiled, leaning a bit into the embrace as they crossed the threshold of the lift. "Oh-nine-hundred right?"

"Oh-nine-hundred." the tubrolift closed behind them. "Deck 15"


"What do you mean we're getting a new ship?" Perry responded, clearly frustrated at the fact that he was called away from his duties to discuss what the crew was going to do.

"Just as I said. Starfleet feels we need to be back out in the field, and pronto." Markus relayed, "Our standing orders are to provide drydock 7 with all our repair needs and disembark. The U.S.S. Columbia will be standing by at ESD dock 54. We will transfer all essential personnel from the Kano to the Columbia within 72 hours of our final transmission to drydock 7 and docked her for repairs." The bearded man leaned forward, starring down Perry as if to challenge him to argue further with him on it. "I understand where you're coming from Perry, I really do. I don't want to give her up to anyone for repairs that we could do ourselves. We are at war, and Starfleet feels we need to be active."

"Doesn't mean I have to like it." the stubborn chief engineer muttered to himself, leaning back into his seat in the conference room. "Do we even know what we're getting? I don't remember much about the Columbia, aside from the historic names of previous ships and craft."

Mirra looked up from her PADD and responded before Markus could, "Excelsior class. U.S.S. Columbia served in several engagements in the Dominion war and the beginning of the second Klingon war. It was refitted as a science cruiser after it's last engagement on stardate 79226.98 and has returned from it's 8 year mission." Mirra smirked as she looked over at Perry, "So she's just as dinged up as the Kano was."

"Not when I'm done with her." Perry jabbed back, looking over at Markus. "So who's running the gig? You're still an LT, and I assumed that when you got those orders it came from an existing captain."

"You're looking at him." Markus replied, taking a sip from his mug as he watched the reactions of the rest of his senior staff take in the news.

"Well its about time Starfleet took that command position and rammed it up your engineering arse." A trill woman with soft brown hair replied. "Never did see a captain feel more comfortable in main engineering until you took over."

Mirra groaned at the vulgar response her comrade made, "Naresta, couldn't you be a little more happy about the fact that we're not going to be changing our command structure?"

"I am Mirra, I am." Naresta smiled, "It just means it'll be easier to train this captain ourselves then let the Academy teach him 'proper protocol' for a commanding officer."

"I thought we did that when he was an Ensign." a Rigilian grinned her response. "And he was such an easy tease until Captain Reynolds started pulling him under his wing." watching as Markus spat out his hot drink.