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05-30-2012, 10:14 PM
Hmmmm alright then. I really don't see the point then, Classes are just skins then? I can run the same 6 beam set up in my soverign class, and the same in a galaxy. At least those might be better for tanking. I also don't want to go with what everyone else is going with either. Ill keep messing around with it i guess. I picked the excelsior for the higher turning rate but.. :\. I'd hate to run her like an escort too, because i have one of those already, i just wanted a little versatility.

I am considering pulling the quantum from the rear for another turret, or maybe i could go with a tricobalt? I dunno... >.> I figure my front and sides are at the enemy the most so thats what i want to build up, if they're at my stern for an extended period, im probably trying to get away.

I also dont want to do the traditional beam boat, i was going to do that with my soverirn or a science ship.