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05-31-2012, 01:32 AM
No, what the Op references is not why PvP is dying. The reason is much simpler: Too large teams in standard PvP. You will see many more people enjoying PvP when they add a 3v3 map.

The reason for this is simple: Once four or more captains decide to shoot at your ship with alpha strikes, no tanking ability in the whole game will let you survive that. That means as a player, you have no influence at all on why your ship explodes, which is just an annoying experience, and such fights are also boring as hell. That is what many people experience when trying to PvP for the first time and what will not let them come back.

In theory, your team mates could heal you to compensate the four or five alpha strikes, but thy need to react within a second (literally) to make that work, because your ship will be gone after two seconds.

Now, with smaller teams (3 being the highest good number, in my experience), this cannot happen. Three alpha strikes are survivable for a good tank if the captain reacts quickly enough, and the individual ship makes much more of a difference then. Fights last longer, and are a much more rewarding experience.