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05-31-2012, 02:06 AM
I'm curious - have you actually done this mission before, or you just read about it?

This one's a tricky one and I fully understand the confusion regarding the proper way of obtaining the boff.

First, make sure you die in "that thingy" BEFORE you overload it. What I mean is, die before activating the destruction sequence. Me and my friends with new toons were confused about this, as we just started the timer and then jumped inside the tube. Nope, you need to die before it activates.
Second, if you'll do it properly, an accolade will pop up. I think it's called "Assimilated".
Third, open your jorunal and available missions tab - there you will have the mission that will require you to go to Battle Group Omega to claim your Borg boff.
Fourth, do just that, talk to the proper contact and claim your reward as if you've completed the mission.
Fifth, enjoy your mediocre and non-customizable borg zombie.

Works just fine for both FED and KDF. Got mine about a week ago. And it DOES work on Elite difficulty as well.