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05-31-2012, 04:51 AM
Originally Posted by Asmick View Post
A bold statement, ill accept your criticism as your opinion, and the minority opinion at that. You seem woefully uninformed as to the reasons for this years earlier hiatus, and either did not listen to or understand the recent events. But im not here to invalidate/validate your statement. But in regards to supporting the community.... well ill just let our work speak foe itself.
I know exactly why the first time he stated because of lack of new things to talk about and this time finacial and family, and say what you will each time he did this was after he got tickecked off enough at them to say something harsh about them on air if you dont bebeave me go back and look at each episodes right before his announcment, and also i wasnt refering to past suport i am refering to ongoing suport of the comunity because usely cryptic seems to pay less attention to the forums then they do the podcast, it seems like when the podcast finally gets behind the comunity cryptic will lisen a little bit lol. And i aplaud his efforts on providing for his family and spending time with them, but why cancel a show this is popular and been going 3 years that the people love and keep new shows that i personaly dont beleave have that big of a following allready compaired to a show that has been around for 3 years , he talks about finacial well his back and forth and constantly canceling shows is one reason i had stoped sending them a little money, no it wasnt much but alot of not much adds up. And all my comints might be emotionaly based becase once again he is canceling a show i loved to watch, The only show he does anymore that i watch is his wifes show, and at one time i watched most of what he put out lol. and i know your gonna bash what i have said which is fine cause i an think skinned, i wish you luck on continuing the show they way you are and post a way on these forum on how to lisen to it ill give it a try , i just enjoy watching but wont count your way out yet lol.