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05-31-2012, 04:53 AM
actually it would not surprise me if in a few years another comapny would come up with a new star trek based game in the MMO sector.
i mean they have STO as a prototype of thinks not to do^^

If i was a game developer i would just do some extensive reading of the forums and implement all the things the community is asking since launch of sto. Whole UI and gameconcepts are postet on the forums that look more appealing than sto's approach.

starting out at the accademy is only one of the features that everybody would have loved to see, but never got delivered.

Imagine, you do some simulations and combat training at the accademy until level 10, then you start with a shuttle (implementing shuttle missions like vault, operation gamma), doing some missions near space stations, etc...then lvl 20 you get your first command of a ship (ships lvl with your character) and klingon - fed war breaks lose. Lots of combat etc until the borg arrive lvl 40+...endgame. (max lvl captain not admiral)

PS: Also the XP curve needs massive readjustments. before you even finish the storyline, you are 2 times admiral. it should take new players a month to reach max lvl.