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05-31-2012, 06:43 AM
Adding veteran awards to this kind of store is problematic. I personally wouldn't mind, as the currency they'd be bought way reflects a contribution of some kind to the game, same way the veteran awards represent a contribution in the form of subscription fees and loyalty. I imagine you'd unlock them in sequence, or the 200 day bonuses are twice as costly as the 100 day ones, and so on. By the same reasoning I've never been against adding the Liberated Borg as a vet reward for long-term subscribers. The problem with buying these things through a point system is this:

Silver Player A bought a bunch of CPoints. Built up some Cryptic card bonus points and buys veteran awards 1, 2, 3 and 4... then buys a subscription. Now what does he get when his subscription passes the day 100 mark? Grounds to complain on the forums? We've got those covered already. If they were able to unlock the Liberated Borg through accumulated C-store purchases and whatnot, that deincentivizes them from buying the LTS, as they already have the bonus.

I'm not against it, but it doesn't seem like a good way for Cryptic to make more money.

To make more money they'd probably need to chuck in things that aren't obtainable any other way. Picturing the ragefest now when the Photonic captain appears in there.