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05-31-2012, 07:10 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Not for $300 worth of work?

I'd be perfectly fine with somebody doing $300 worth of marketing work for Cryptic and being given a full lifetime sub.
1) I was referring to someone giving away the Lib Borg for points so you just took my comment out of context.

2) I'm not fine with it for 3 reasons
a) it further devalues my purchase even more
b) its easily exploitable to get everything without spending any money or gaining any new players
c) it adds another grind for rewards to an overly grindy game.

Its really hard to convince new people to come to a game where the long term player is treated poorly, everything given away, and everything to do in the game is a grind

However, I would accept it with the following caveats

1) No Vet Rewards nor LTS stuff goes in the store. If you want it, subscribe to the game and wait just like everybody else had to.

2) Subscriptions earned via this method are excluded from the Vet Rewards and Stipend (to prevent exploitation)

3) Reward points can be earned for gaining C-Points via Dilithium (since this is the reason many people buy C-Points, its clearly earning Cryptic $$$ )

4) Reward points are rewarded retroactively (very important or I cant imagine the rage)