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05-31-2012, 07:07 AM
Originally Posted by twg042370
Possible reason PvP isn't as popular #1:

You can't exercise to legal-in-several-nations option of slugging someone who constantly uses the word "noob" in the mouth.

Possible reason PvP isn't as popular #2:

Most people are secure enough that they don't have to shoot at someone else's pixel pile as a form of validation.

Possible reason PvP isn't as popular #3:

The game isn't designed for it and people who do want to play a PvP game will drop an FPS into their console since it's what they signed up for.

I'm betting on option one.
Reasons why PvP is dead Real Reasons
#1, PvEers can't handle losing to another player. They barely scrape by an already pathetic pve experience, and would much rather die to borg cubes one shotting them than someone else, because they have incredibly fragile egos.

Reason #2 PvEers by and large in sto are social shut ins, who lack self confidence. The very idea of socializing even in a virtual environment, is terrifying to them. Couple this with #1 and well there you go. Outside of the pvpers, most of the people still playing this game are that guy the one that doesn't bathe regularly, is overweight probably lives in his mom's basement, and has pinup posters of Janeway.

Reason #3, The PvE community in this game such as it is, can't even hack it in other games pve. So they come here for the Wii style experience and can pretend how awesome they are, and as long as they avoid the ques, they don't ever get disillusioned by reality, that frankly they aren't nearly as awesome as the Pve Experience tells them they are.

the funny thing is, most of us pvpers? we're actually pretty well socially adjusted. I can't say the same for the PvE community that refuses to talk in team chat, even in open instance pve, refuses to play together, and refuses to actually engage in social events. out of any community, I see far more smack talk and Trash out of the pve crowd, particularly the STF crowd, most of the zone chat, and hate tells that I have Archived over the last two years comes from pveers that que up for pvp and rage that they got beat.

While the above are all true 80 percent of the time.. here's the real reasons.

#1, the QA and Systems team. They can't code their way out of a wet paper bag. The games numerous (even 2 years after launch.. and I'm talking Major bugs), poor balance decisions, refusal to look at how the math of the game actually works and repeated snarky holier than thou attitude has driven away many consummate People (not just players but out and out stand up great people like Bigredjedi). Those people leaving in turn created a cascade effect.

#2, a total lack of pvp content. First link in my sig, read it. People got sick of "your call is very important to us" and left. We have lost scores of pvp fleets over the last year and a half.

#3 people got bored of winning all the time. No seriously it's true. TSI, QEW, SOB, CAC, (I'm sure there are others but these are the ones I have personal experience with) and now a larger # of Pandas are leaving. There's no competition in this game, against pugs. And it's gotten worse rather than better over the last 2 years. now it's so bad that often one Premade Grade player is all you need to 15 and 0 the competition. Because there are people that even after 2 years refuse to learn how the game works, and would rather just ***** and whine about how evil and exploiting premades are (despite the fact that they don't exploit).