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05-31-2012, 08:18 AM
Originally Posted by southernskies
Sluggo2, please read the TOS
If you can't be polite and respectful, don't post at all.

In T3 Escort
4,087 base per torp
7,283 per torp with AP:A3, AP:O3, TacTeam1
7,996 per torp with AP:A3, AP:O3, TacTeam1, TacFleet2
7,130 per torp with AP:A3, AP:B1, TacTeam1, TacFleet2 (doesn't account for the -30% resist)

Did some PvE and PvP testing. Did great against sci ships; not so good against full defensive cruiser. Reamed its way through npcs...

Ran it through Infected (Elite - private) and Cure (Normal) and chewed through the borg. Had some technical issues though; I ran it without a beam and "fire all" doesn't work unless you have a beam.
I read that link at the top. I don't think it covers hurt feelings. :p

I have to agree with sluggo that that layout is pretty much a hot mess. I tried all torps once and it is very limited in terms of utility outside of regular PvE missions. OTOH, as a component in a coordinated team, it could have some very limited use. I just wouldn't pull it out in a pickup elite stf as it isn't quite fair to the other players. You would need to coordinate with a team in order to do any real damage and that would be hard to do with a team of random people. And I am pretty sure your teammates did the bulk of the "chewing".

Overall, nice thing to play around with, but that's about it.