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05-31-2012, 07:43 AM
My worst experience in an STF is unfortunately not a singular incident. Now I have 2 VA's and am concentrating on my sci toon as I have one final piece of mk XII M.A.C.O. ship gear to get. This piece would be the engine. So I have to pretty much farm Cure space elite obviously to get the rare tech drop. Now as my fleet isn't currently as active as myself or at least not enough people to always guarantee a private team I have to fallback to what I refer to as the desperate choice, PUGs.

Now in the last few weeks almost every time I have pugged CSE it seems that there is always one player who is hellbent on trolling the scenario. Now before I rant about this I shall by all means provide the benefit of the doubt reasons.

Yes, he/she or they could indeed be new players to STFs and just have no idea on how to do this mission on elite. Yes they could have blown up a cube early by accident and yes they could be thinking this is the best way to do it because it works in normal difficulty.

These reasons aside I shall now rant. There is NO excuse, none at all in my personal opinion for a player who is new to doing an elite STF especially for the first time to say so in chat. I have rarely heard people rant about a person stating before any mission timers are initiated "Hey guys I don't know how to do this can someone explain please?". Infact if people did this you would see a lot less rage about the so called "n00bs" coming into elite difficulty. If the person has their chat minimised then why the hell are they not using in-game voice coms? Again minimised chat is not an excuse nor a reason to have a go at a new player due to the voice option. But I digress as all this points to a new person to elite STFs. What I have been experiencing lately is far more insidious and bodes unwell for PUGs for the foreseeable future.

I am on about the trolls, the players who not only disrupt the entire scenario by taking things out too quickly or ignoring things they should be taking out but who also brag in chat about it. These people are a disgrace to the sto community and make it very hard for PUGs to be popular. My case or cases in point have always been Cure elite space as for some reason I do not find them in any other STF. They will come in and do one of two things. The first thing they do make it blindingly obvious they are a troll, they sit at spawn and wait for everyone else to do the mission just so they can get the loot. The second thing they do is ignore any bops, fire away at the probes and take out a cube asap meaning multiple spawns of raptors and then leave the match. The worst incident I have seen is a pair of trolls working together to take a cube out as quickly as possible then not helping take out any bops or raptors and just laughing away and making wisecracks in chat.


My suggestions are three things, two that should be implemented straight off and one that although would help could also be abused (unfortunately). The first is by making the minimisation of the chat window IMPOSSIBLE in an STF event. Also make a set of default rules so that zone and team chat appear in the main window. This would then remove any excuses about not paying attention to chat or people trying to place the blame on others ignoring or not seeing the chat window and would also distinguish the new players from the blatant trolls more easily.

The second thing would be to implement a votekick system which would remove the troll from the map altogether and should a person get kicked a ban of four hours should make them think twice about doing it again and not just the toon in question, an account wide ban for four hours. Unfortunately as stated above this could get abused by either just new players being kicked (but then again if they had the courage to speak up first thing this shouldn't happen so much) or just trolls teaming up to kick a player to get them banned for four hours for no good reason. So this second idea isn't perfect.

The third thing is possibly the easiest solution, when you add someone to your ignore list, make it impossible for you to be randomly teamed up with that person ever again. This is possibly the best solution. Be warned people, I know most of you already think this option works. IT DOES NOT! I have been in a PUG where someone whom I had previously ignored was in the party and immediately started trolling again.

I would welcome any feedback in this thread about the STF trolls, please please please post about it, make them known to Cryptic and Perfect World. Until enough attention has been drawn to these maliciously disruptive players, nothing will be done about it.

My only concern is that new players to elite STFs will be caught in the crossfire so i urge any new players reading this. SPEAK UP! I personally would rather someone say in chat that they're new than the mission or optional failing because they were afraid of ridicule or over-confident in their skills.

Thanks for taking the time to read this rather long post, potatoes all round!!