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Originally Posted by Jake477
ST TNG Crocodile Tears:

Enterprise D and Crocodile Hunter Exchange program:

The Crocodile Hunter wants to hunt Crocs of the 24th century...........

Croc Hunter: Croiky Mate!, Look at the size of that animal *points at the Gorn* (stares wide-eyed at the bi-pedal Gorn laying on the ground on the holodeck)

Riker: should we not tell him Mr.Worf?

Worf: Tell him what? That the "Croc" is not native to Earth and is really a holographic Gorn with the safety settings off?

Riker: yes

Worf: Every warrior has to learn his limitations Commander, i say lets see if he Hunts as good as he claims.

The Croc hunter leans in close to the Gorn, then begins to examine it putting a rope around his nose

Croc Hunter: Easy girl.....*patting its nose"

Gorn: Who are you calling a girl Terran vermin ssssssss!

Croc Hunter: You.......can talk!!!!!!! *backs up slowly*

The Gorn gets up and rips his rope off and swips at the Hunter and starts chasing him........

Running past Riker and Worf waving his hands in the air screaming Aaaaaahhhhhh!

Riker: Don't worry they only like the daredevils! *shouting*

Worf: Computer Arch..........

Riker: We can't just leave him.........

Worf: Poker at my place?

Riker: Thought you never asked

Croc Hunter: Will someone please help me!!!!!! *ducking and running*

Leaving the Hunter screaming and running Riker taps his badge:

All senior officers report to Mr. Worf's for Poker tonight.

Then the walk away smiling.

AAAAAAHHH! can be heard throughout the deck.

Worf: some Hunter.

End of epidsode
I take it the safety protocols were off?