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05-31-2012, 09:11 AM
Originally Posted by sollvax
only if you can move a critical mass point (which science says you can't)
Actually dyson spheres are totally impractical and one of the daftest ideas in scifi

you see Stars Move
and as a star has massive gravity eventually it would EAT the sphere
I think perhaps you're missing the idea of what a Dyson's Sphere is.

The "shell" encapsulating the star has to have a diameter roughly that of the orbit of an M class planet to be inhabitable. The star's gravitational pull would act on the entire sphere at that distance and theoretically carry it along for the ride as it moves in its' orbit of the galaxy. The star would not "eat" the sphere any more than it would "eat" a planet in orbit around it. Effectively, the entire sphere would be in orbit around the star and would need to have some kind of spin around the star. Dyson's Spheres shouldn't be able to affect the star they encapsulate and would not be able to navigate independently. They're basically astronomically large space stations/habitats.

No argument about totally impractical. It's just a theory and probably not possible to construct one. But it's a cool idea even if the engineering of a Dyson's Sphere (or a Ringworld) is beyond our technology. It was neat to see one in TNG. TNG even got the main drawback of a Dyson's Sphere right: any solar instability would make it uninhabitable if not destroy it.