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05-31-2012, 12:44 PM
Perhaps I'm getting this wrong, Transphasics have a 10s reload and the Rapid Fire ones have 8s reload.

Now if all Torpedoes have a shared cooldown of 1.5 seconds (looks more like 2 in game I know) than it's possible to get all four to fire in sequence without DOFFs.

But if you do use DOFFs you can use the far more powerful MK 12 [Borg] Transphasics and the 10s firing time won't matter. And even if 3 Torpedoes is getting the Maximum Yield, the 4th one can be a Trico or the Breen Cluster.

As for keeping a Fleet Escort on target when you almost always going to be near max range, how hard can it possibly be?

Oh and I bound my Torpedoes to Mouse 4, and Mines to Mouse 5, works great for me. I have Shield Rebalance set to middle, as adjusting and toggling speed worked better with Q, E & R.