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In the face of seeing what may be the end of official story telling in the prime Star Trek universe I thought now would be a good time to look back and reminisce on good times we had playing episode missions in STO. The fun little stories of running with friends, the little bits of nuance we catch, the music especially the Breen arc where at times it sounds so much like V'ger music from TMP, things of that nature. Or the larger things like the evolution of an culture taking its first steps, even if not through the most diplomatic means toward their freedom.

Great characters like Obisek, K'valk, Ambassador Surah (even if he did go on about balance till I wanted to pull my hair out lol.) S'tass our favorite gorn dofflomat, the return of the Gekli cosmozoans in the Undine missions. On that subject I would actually have loved a short mission arc of similar quality to the Reman arc with the Star Jellies! Shoot! The whole Enterprise F crew we hardly got to know!

Speaking of, the Enterprise F, G, H, and I all have to last probably what? 100-150 years, At the rate the alphabet is being burned through are they going to make it? One of these ships has to make a nice long run of it!

Try to keep things here up-beat and not overly dramatic

Oh and if it helps toss in parts of your favorite non-game TV show episodes as well! A true celebration of story telling in the Trek universe!!