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05-31-2012, 04:07 PM
Sorry Op, I'm going to have to highly disagree with you regarding escorts, BoPs, and raptors reigning supreme in STO.

I think the BoPs and escorts are exactly what they should be - hit and run ships. Sure, there's some players who can tank in them but I've also seen players do some great dps in cruisers as well. In fact, the last time I queued up for PvP I got owned rather quickly by an excelsior and I'm not a bad PvPer. I'm on of those players who can take out a ship in one clean sweep, but there's a lot of players who could take me out with ease. My point? It's ALL about the player.

I honestly think you downplay the survivability of cruisers in your post - I can tank a few ships for quite some time in my cruisers and even when I'm on the offensive in my escort or BoP there's a lot of cruiser captains that can tank against me.

Personally, I think the ships do Star Trek justice, at least as much as they can for a video game. I'm honestly getting tired of having to redo my builds every time a nerf is done because certain players can't face the reality that they're terrible at PvP and/or just simply doesn't want to put in the time and effort to making their ship awesome and becoming an awesome player.

I know, Kirk captained a cruiser, Picard did as well, they were prominent characters in the Star Trek franchise but did you ever think that they only survived not because of the ships they were in but because they were awesome captains? That's probably why they're legends, they could win even under overwhelming odds.

We've seen BoPs and escorts zip around the hulking cruisers in DS9, quite often. It makes sense for cruisers to be faster in full impulse, but as far as turn rates go, seriously? Did you even watch how the Defiant zipped around in the battles during the Dominion wars while all the galaxys, excelsiors, etc. turn slowly?

Also, simply put, this is a game. Maybe I misunderstood what you were trying to say and for that I apologize, but to say that cruisers should be near "invincible" just because it's what the primary characters in TOS and TNG used is ridiculous. What you're telling me is that I can't compete with my escort just because it's not what Kirk and Picard used, even though the defiant has proved several times to be just as or even more capable in war in DS9 than most cruisers - In fact... wasn't that what it was built for?