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05-31-2012, 03:39 PM
I don't like the BoP.

I am not saying it does not require any thought to run up a great cloaked alpha, I'm saying it does not require much skill.
To me skill depends on how you handle your ship compared to your foe, now if your foe does not know you are there and has (unless cruiser or already buffed himself with resists) under 2-3 secconds to respond in any way there is little margin for any of that, only that if you fail as a BoP you clearly suck and he does not.

Not only that but the gimick get me out of trouble button which does work against most fed players, I make a mission out of preventing it my self but most fed players can't do anything against it, your ''well thought out'' Alpha failed and you get away easily as well.

I don't think BoP is overpowered as if you know its there its pretty hard to lose against it.
I just don't like it because so many players play it because of the amazing cloak skill yet I can imagine a good few players I have some respect for, actually doing better in other ships- showing how they can utterly defeat you without the SUPRISE BUTSECKS Alpha or.... Die in a fire when it fails.