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05-31-2012, 04:36 PM
Originally Posted by kimmera
If you are counting patches, then EQ adds a LOT of 'content,' but just keeping the game generally running, addressing (or attempting to address, and sometimes worsening) balance issues, etc, is not what most would consider 'content.'
I'm not just counting the number of patches, but also the content of those patches. For example, the patches from 1.1 to 1.12 alone added
* 2 instances
* 1 pvp arena
* 1 pvp event
* 5 worldbosses
* 2 class epic quests
* 3 battlegrounds
* 5 raid instances
* 2 pve events
* pvp honor system
* weather effects
* several talent revamps and updates
to the game in the time from Dec '04 to Aug '06.

Originally Posted by kimmera
(Edit: Even if they have added a significant amount of 'free' content, the game is still essentially completely sub based, only being F2P up to level 20 and that is only very recent (as of Dec of last year). That is much more restrictive a F2P model than EQ. That means they have a rather a lot more people paying just to play, and thus a much much better budget.
Sure, but why do you think STO went F2P? Because the amount of content was a bad excuse for a subscription based game. WoW, ****, EQ/2 actually had enough content and features to justify spending 15$/ per month on it.

Originally Posted by kimmera
Well it also speaks to available budget. It almost certainly wasn't as successful as they hoped right off the bat. After that it gets catch 22. You don't have the budget for radical improvements and can't get the budget without radical improvements or a large high risk influx of outside capital.

Lock boxes are likely an attempt at generating that influx.
That's true, sadly. But right now that's spilled milk. If it's true what we've been told about PWE's investment in Cryptic and STO there should be significant and major improvements coming up rather soon - or STO may really be a lost case for a brighter future.

Originally Posted by kimmera
From what I have read of the DDO forums, they had a very similar situation to STO, including a theoretically strong pedigree (D&D rather than Trek), and the year of content drought. They managed to borrow the money to reinvest though, and adopted a model where they sell access to most (not all but most) of their new content piecemeal. Or you can sub and get access to all of it that way.
Tbh, I would have rather prefered STO to follow DDO's or LotRO's F2P model which actually is really F2P and also gives people more than enough reasons to keep a subscription.

Originally Posted by kimmera
They also have an advantage, though, of a less restrictive IP. Even the D&D mechanics were modified to better fit an MMO, and they are working with an original (or mostly orignial) setting, giving them a freer hand.
I think you're mistaken here. D&D is the name for the brand and the generic system. DDO takes place in Eberron, a very specific and detailed campaign setting that uses D&D to be played. You could (more or less easy) port the world of Eberron to use e.g. the mechanics from Savage Worlds or some such. The actual IP used by the game therefore is Eberron, and you haven't seen the amount of flames Turbine needed to quench on their forums over certain design decisions.