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# 1 About Cryptic Points
05-31-2012, 04:37 PM
Okay, I have only one question. Why cant we transfer C-points from one Cryptic Game to another? Like for example, I have 759 C-points on Champions Online, and I have NOTHING I want to spend them on in Champions, but there is something I want to use my points to get in Star Trek Online, the newly added Stalker Stealth Fighter. I would be buying the C-points for it right now if I had a job that could allow me to pay for the points without worry, while its true that 400 cryptics is like 5 dollars, but thats not the point. The point here is that I have C-points that im not using for Champions that I could be using for Star Trek Online but I cannot transfer them. Exactly how is it fair to tell me I cant use my own money for something? I pay to play Champions Online, proudly I might add because i love the game, but the money i have in the bank goes to keeping my subs going and im saving the rest. But with the way Cryptic/Perfect World have things set up, they are basically denying me the right to use my well earned C-points (because I pay to play Champions and its been brought to my attention that i get C-points while staying subbed to the game) for what I want to use them for. So to all of you I ask, how is any of this fair? Why am I being denied free use of my C-points?

PS: Just a note, I do not have anything personal against Cryptic or Perfect World, I admire the creativity of both Companies. I just dont agree with the method of controlling C-point usage.