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05-31-2012, 05:52 PM
Originally Posted by baelturath
I'm not just counting the number of patches, but also the content of those patches. For example, the patches from 1.1 to 1.12 alone added
Again, budget. WoW ended up with large chunks of EQ's former sub base plus a lot more beyond that, which explains not seeing the same in EQ.

Sure, but why do you think STO went F2P? Because the amount of content was a bad excuse for a subscription based game. WoW, ****, EQ/2 actually had enough content and features to justify spending 15$/ per month on it.
To a great extent yes, but also that a lot of the potential market were already loyal to other more established games, meaning that anything new has to be that much better to pry people away. In the case of WoW vs EQ, SoE complacency brought on by other new games having proven no competition at all plus a great number of people loyal to blizzard's RTS games made that exodus easier, but that was a noteworthy exception.

That's true, sadly. But right now that's spilled milk. If it's true what we've been told about PWE's investment in Cryptic and STO there should be significant and major improvements coming up rather soon - or STO may really be a lost case for a brighter future.
It could well be that it was expected to be. It is unclear though how much the conversion to F2P cost, what kind of debts Cryptic had when bought out, or whether the puchase was simply overly optimistic. Without internal memos from the negotiations and a good look at Cryptic's books (or at least its unconsolodated financials) everything is speculation.

Tbh, I would have rather prefered STO to follow DDO's or LotRO's F2P model which actually is really F2P and also gives people more than enough reasons to keep a subscription.
I agree completely and I don't see how they'll be able to avoid ending up there. It seems really unlikely that lock boxes are sustainable.

I think you're mistaken here. D&D is the name for the brand and the generic system. DDO takes place in Eberron, a very specific and detailed campaign setting that uses D&D to be played. You could (more or less easy) port the world of Eberron to use e.g. the mechanics from Savage Worlds or some such. The actual IP used by the game therefore is Eberron, and you haven't seen the amount of flames Turbine needed to quench on their forums over certain design decisions.
I suppose, but never saw any of that when I was paying attention to it. But then I have never been in a D&D campaign where the setting was treated as anything more than an idea base, and that includes a dragonlance campaign. I know they exist, but I am pretty sure that they are fewer D&D setting fanatics than trekkers