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# 7 A Cavalry Captain's Farewell
05-31-2012, 06:14 PM
Captain’s Log,
Three days ago, I received orders to transfer from the U.S.S. Forlorn Truth. The message said that my services were now languishing onboard such a small ship. While true that the older constitution classes were small by current Starfleet standards, it was once a flagship class ship, one of which had the honor of being the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captained by the legendary James T. Kirk. I felt a bit of pride at continuing the legacy of this majestic class, but the needs of the fleet come first...
As I read through the orders, I began to think, what would I need to take with me? I began running through a list in my mind, and realized very shortly that all of my worldly possessions were all contained within these walls. I also realized that I would have to do a lot of tracking to find all of my book collection if I wanted to keep it intact. Amazing how paper and ink still makes it around even thru to today, after being out of favor for so many centuries. But the books aside, I would need to make a list of what exactly I would be taking with me. Not everything can go with me obviously. I would have no need for a half a pound of depleted uranium under my chair on the bridge, because Dr. Miljenk thinks that it absorbs all of my emotions, making it easier to make decisions. I also wouldn't need the fuzzy dice above the viewing screen, I'm sure Ensign Velez would be quite upset if I did. Those were put up as a bit of a practical joke, an idea we had gleaned from a holodeck while on shore leave on Earth.
As I ran through the list in my head of all the items that I would have to gather, I realized that I couldn't really take any of them, personal affects aside. They were all a part of the ship now. And I don't care what the Starfleet regulations are on health and welfare, that damned pickle slice earned its place on the ceiling of the mess hall. I was there when Lt. Wilding flicked up there with a fork and it stuck. I could almost swear the mess officer at the time would have hung him up in the brig by his ankles for a week if I hadn't stopped him. Then there’s the blow up doll in the ship's weapons room. Those boys dress that thing up every fourth day for poker nights, and have her smoking a cigar while we play. I had to haggle that damned ferrangi for three days just to get that thing thrown in with the ship supplies that we needed while we were doing patrols on the neutral zone border. And I'm not even going to get into how I happened to get him to throw in those outdated vids from antique earth history, copies of copies as it were. But it was still worth it to see the crew laugh that hard. We had to run shifts through the bridge to watch them on the view screen. The only screen big enough on the ship to let the whole crew watch. Did that one while we were 'in negotiations' with some ferrangi a week after I had got them. Hehe, can't believe I got the admiral to buy that one. But the crew needed a rest at that point. We had been getting jacked around from one assignment to the next for two years straight, No shore leave, no down time, just head here, do this, go there, kill them. ********.
Then I started to think of all the times that we had to resort to fighting in order to stay alive. Too many times to count with the Klingons of course. There was the one time that... no, never mind that's just to long of a story for me to type out here just now. Let's just leave it at; the entire ship was saved by Chief Womack's pet Tribbles. That was a lot of fur, as they'd say in the old days. Another memorable time was when we picked up the Vulcan ambassador, oh what was his name? Delkan, Delvan… something with a Del in it. Oh well. We picked him up, ran him halfway across the quadrant it seemed like, and then it turns out the directions he gave us ran us straight smack into a secret base of Orion raiders. We ended up having to eject the warp core to destroy their ships, and had to limp to their base to find parts to salvage. The engineering crew was not happy with me at all. Up until we found an almost brand new warp core that the Orion’s were in the process of salvaging from a ship they had hijacked not two weeks earlier. Took a month for us to repair the ship properly. I will say this though; those Orion’s sure did have a lot of nice equipment to be just raiders. But the few logs that I could find gave no reference as to where they were getting their supplies or who was funding them. Given the situation, I wasn’t too keen to find more trouble. But Chief Takking made it happen. Hehe even made it look like the old one, down to the serial numbers and all. He really deserved that B.S. award I put him in for later on. Forgot what the specifics where, but he got the damned thing, wears it every chance he gets. Sometimes I think he likes the medal more than anything. First one he ever actually got. That man has some discipline issues. He has decked me more than once for the things that I made engineering do. Can’t say that I blame him for every time, I have been an ******* on occasion.

But here I go digressing into ramblings about past endeavors. This was supposed to be about how I transitioned from the Forlorn Truth. When I thought about how to break the news to the crew it took me a couple of hours to come up with the solution. I went to the fastest way to pass word through the crew. The counselor. That old bag of nuts has never been able to keep her trap shut about a damned thing. Every juicy bit of gossip on any of the crewmembers can spread like wildfire from this one point in the ship. Dr. Loraine Bo-Jensen… Hehe, I still laugh when I hear her name. Woman had to of been raised in some backwaters town on some backwater planet in some backwater sector. Half the time I don’t even know what she’s saying, the other half… well, let’s just say, she gets her point across. I also let slip that I was thinking of holding an impromptu party before I left, instead of just giving a speech and leaving, like so many captains do. Thought the crew might enjoy that bit. As I was talking to her, giving her some crap about how my daddy didn’t love me enough and such, I could hear her ticking away at her pad, typing up exactly what she would pass on throughout her little gossip mill. The entire crew would know before I got back to my room, if I walked the whole way.

Later that night I made a discreet trip to the mess hall, and began replicating the ingredients that I would need to cook the meal. I hate the way replicators finish off food. No personality to it. I barely finished in time, before almost the entire crew showed up at the time that I told Dr. Bo that I was having the party. First one in was my first officer. Commander Thyriss. She walked in, grabbed a glass, sat right in front of me, and said, “Fill me up Cap’.” After her, it seemed like all of the rest of the crew showed up. Just a few missing here and there, we had to have someone on shift to make it look like we were still alive. Oh, I forgot to mention, we were in Starbase 001 when I got my orders. I had just got the ship refitted with upgraded weapons and shields when I got the orders. Command sure has a funny sense of humor. And of course we were slotted to depart the next day so everyone was gearing up to head back out. But I digress again. Once the crew started to file in I started to serve them drinks and food. Once my command staff had finished with their food and drinks, they got behind the desk and started to help me serve the rest of the crew. Then once all of the crew was served, the party got started. And unfortunately that’s where my memories end. And my hangover began.

The rest of my time on the Forlorn Truth was a bit fuzzy. When I left, it was like leaving an old friend’s home. A great feeling of contentment washed over me as I walked the airlock tube. That is until the doors opened on the other side and I walked smack into an admiral. He started to yell at me, and I started to vomit all over his nice clean dress shoes. I think I got his pants to. I don’t remember. I do remember that his wife’s dog began yapping at me, so I puked all over it to… and his wife… That one I’m not too proud of. She was a nice lady, met her couple of years earlier, at some formal function. Great in bed to. Thankfully I passed out on the spot. Woke up the next day, sober. Damned doctors, with their fancy drugs can get rid of anything nowadays. Left the hangover though. Dicks. But that pretty much squares up where I am now. In a brig. On that damned Starbase. Waiting for my new ship to arrive so I can get back out to the fight. I think someone told me the name of it, the ‘Despairing Truth’? What is up with all these Names Starfleet is using nowadays? So depressing. But hey, another fifteen hours to go, then I can get out of here and see what the next ship is like. Maybe this one has a full kitchen. Oh and maybe a full sized rec room. Or better yet, a holodeck. That would be awesome…

End Log