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05-31-2012, 08:33 PM
Originally Posted by Notion
Sorry, but as much as I love new ship costumes, I'm tired of spending real money on top of my lifetime subscription to get a costume I'll only use for a couple weeks on maybe 2 or 3 characters. The Thunderchild should've been a Tier 5 refit so that those who actually want the ship could've had it for more than the blip that is Commander rank.

I already have 2 characters that fly escorts and both are past Commander. So it doesn't matter that this is one of my favorite ships aesthetically. It's useless to me, and will be useless to anyone else who buys it after the few weeks it takes to level up to Captain. So all that money for what is essentially a console? No thanks.

I've been a faithful customer and spent more money on the C-Store than I would have with a monthly fee, but these lower-tier refits are nothing more than consoles and a costume sold as "New Ships!" Sorry, but this kind of development is way off base from what the players really want, and they'll only become more disenfranchised after they get over the excitement of something new and realize you've just sold them another costume/console combo for another $10 bucks.

Beautiful modelling and design, my friends. Your ship designer is truly an artist and working hard to really stay true to what people want to see. His beautiful work deserves far better than the ill-conceived product you're peddling.
This. I agree. Why not make a T5 variant. Much more people would buy it.