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Captain's Log, supplemental,

Eleven months ago, Starfleet posted me as First Officer on the USS Merrimac... My, how times have changed...
On our first mission, Captain Oxyhkxaly was killed in a firefight with the Borg, so I was quickly promoted to Captain. Reassigned to the Eta Eridani block, I cannot say in the few minutes I have left how that experience changed us. On the front lines, a human learns that death is a part of life; a Vulcan would learn that emotions help you to recover from the horrors that you find there. As a half-and-half, I found both....
It seemed wave after wave of Negh'Vars and Voquvs came after our little border patrol area. Crew members were lost, reassigned, or, in the case of Ensign Trons, headed to a POW camp. I still remember the shock on R'shee's face when I confided in her the atrocious thing I had done to save our little base in the Neutral Zone..
But it was logical. However, as my crew and I soon learned, being logical is not always the best...

Admiral Quinn soon contacted us. Borg attacks in Gamma Orionas had increased tenfold, and all available ships that were nonessential to the borders were being diverted to hep counter the attacks... When my crew learned that besides the Federation, the Klingon ships we had been fighting against would be also coming, I explained to my crew that alliances with the Klingons were not logical in times of war, and like the Old Earth saying, to "watch your back." Three weeks in the Gamma, two cubes warped in as our little Sao Paulo was alone, guarding the Transwarp Conduit, the only way any of us could get home. Tyssa, my fine Tactical officer, initiated without orders our experimental Point Defense System, taking out one of the cubes before the other could say, "Resistance is futile." Although we managed to put a few dents into the other, before long, the Borg had neutralized our shields, and began to release a barrage of Plasma torpedoes. Just before I shouted to run for escape pods, knowing full well that the Borg would have picked out and shot them all down, the IKS Goroku came charging to the rescue and blew the cube all the way back to the Delta Quadrant. Maybe all Klingons were not so bad. They just live for battle and glory, it's not completely their fault there wasn't any war after the Dominion.

Although Laibi, my wife, died later that month in a pitched battle with a group of rouge Klingons, when I look back at that time, I see a ragtag group of officers who bonded together in an amazing way. As a captain, however, I should have known that this day would come. Luckily, my father was able to pull a few strings in in the brass, so my senior officers will all be joining me on my next assignment back in Gamma Orionas. The shuttle taking me to the Normandy will be the place where I see the Merrimac for the last time before she's scrapped. Johnston is bringing a video recorder along with him, so we can all see again the ship where we left our heart.