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05-31-2012, 08:21 PM
What many people have posited, is that its not really a torpedo at all, but a stealthy ability of the Spheres and Cubes known as Boarding Party...which doesn't use shuttles, but * transporters*. These things wipe out your crew, crippling your ability to repair your ship, and devastate your hull when they finish their task.

If you, at any time, see a green Borg insignia appear over your vessel, followed by the sound of a Borg transporter effect, activate Tactical Team immediately. If you see all that followed by a red Antiproton Cutting Beam (possessed by Gates and other Elite starships), Hit Tactical Team as well as Hazard Emitters to repair the cutting damage to your hull before you explosively decompress.

I hope this mitigates your frustrations on this occurrence. I, like you, got sick of it after being blasting apart 15km away from a gate that was assaulting me in Khitomer with 100% full hull and shields. Hasn't happened to me since, so far.