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05-31-2012, 09:10 PM
Originally Posted by synkr0nized
Those are good points, Kentaurus, as the boarding party is definitely an easily-overlooked attack.

I find that the "problem" for me is more the torpedo animations and the actual moment of impact not synching up -- I've been hit both decently in advance of the visible effects as well as decently after. So sometimes you just have to know the way the Borg enemies operate and rotate your defense accordingly. I find that most of my deaths now are more a failure to properly pay attention to my shield facings or having my defenses on cooldown.
From what I noticed using my obsolete (read: awesome) Gal-R in ESTFs, I seem to have no problems at all with cubes.

But the transwarp gates do fire an invisible torpedo that as you said, deals damage about 2-3 seconds before the animation hits.

Escorts need to either fly cautiously or exploit blind fire arcs, cruisers need to rotate EPTS/TT to keep their shield levels up. Oh, and keep an eye on the shield status display. Once a facing goes down, dead ship. For newer players having a duty officer with % chance to regenerate shields / add damage resistance buff to Brace to Impact can be useful.

The post-May patch Borg damage has definitely been reduced so it's possible to tank in an Escort too and the 'sources' of invisible torpedo damage appear to be quite predictable.