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05-31-2012, 09:46 PM
Alright let's be honest about a few things here. PWE Customer support in whole is a complete myth, and what little there actually is, is a complete joke. The only customer support you get from PWE is a simple cut, paste, and problem marked as resolved no matter if it actually is or not. Merging all PWE game tech support into one forum isn't going to change this, in fact it will fracture it even more. There really needs to be a few individuals assigned to each game, and each game needs its own support forum.

IF this is truely the way PWE thinks it can best resurrect its tech support fine, but leave the STO specific forums active and just simply clean it out and supply a sticky topic with a link to the "official PWE Support forums"

The Best support for Client side issues is and will continue to be this forum, the dedicated players, computer specialists, and other professionals and enthusiasts that can provide better client side service than any generalized "support" PWE could assemble.