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06-01-2012, 01:21 AM

I love the Kar'Fi. It's got a lot of offensive oomph and science options.

I also like the frigates. They are fun and really solid -- one of the least-likely pets to need re-deploying.

But they're not some kind of huge DPS increase. Some of the advanced fighters -- on both sides -- are significantly higher, especially in bursts, despite the Fer'jais' use of tricobolts. They also fly in wide circles around targets, making their attack runs less quick than BoPs or fighter swarms.

It's not that they are bad -- I wouldn't use them if they were -- but the other options have their benefits, as well. Keeping a tighter leash on BoPs, for example, can net wonderful results. And, as mentioned, being able to toss out mobile tractors is pretty rad for control in the Atrox.