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06-01-2012, 02:46 AM
Originally Posted by caliban149
I don't like the ides much.
... I absolutely despise with a passion any system that encourages you to "Signup your friends!!"

All this results in is:
A) The player being bombarded with messages "reminding" them of all the wonderful things they could get if the E-mail bomb their outbox.
B) The non-player being bombarded with messages from their (so-called) friends, in a transparent attempt to use your "friendship" to get something for themselves.
This kind of thing represents the absolute worst of the already pretty hideous idea of "Social** Networks"

Secondly, I actually think Cryptic should be bending over backwards to reward people who make high rated foundry missions (you seemed to bung this on the end as a token pat on the back).

Some of the foundry content I have played is at least as good (if not better) as the stuff cryptic produces, often much truer to canon as well. I find this impressive due to the more limited toolset available

The fact is I consider this to be the only actual new content that is being released for STO.
Whats a new ship or item? Pretty eyecandy, with gameplay balanced to fit into everything else.
What are you going to DO with your new ship? The same 3 STF's again? Fly around looking for DOFF missions?

Good foundry authors are doing your job for you Cryptic . . . you should be rewarding them.
If you're gonna give out rewards, these are the people you should be giving them to.

* The reason I don't spend much is mainly because there is very little that is either worth buying or that represents good value for money. I think top priority should be fixing this issue personally.

** Which is a totally antithetic name, Social Networks are anything but.
this and the vet rewards should stay out of the system