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06-01-2012, 08:08 AM
Originally Posted by shelev
Its a huge nerf.

Pre-nerf you could actually stop people from running away. If they allowed themselves to eat 3+ TB's they were stuck and had to tank it as best they could, or somehow get rid of the runabouts and try and get out of dodge as it were (which was possible).

Now with it being more or less limited to 1TB from a single set of runabouts you can APO/PH out of them without issue. Basically making them inherently worthless since ANYONE can escape from a single TB.
To get multiple TB's from runabouts you now need to game the system pretty hard or have multiple carriers working together in a semi-organized fashion to the point it would just be easier to have your teammates use there sci-ensigns for TB1 instead.
Are you kidding? All it takes is a second tractor beam from the pets owner, or another nearby ship, or a danube that strayed away and flew back i nthe course of fighting and you're back to square one. And this is before we get to the chroniton and phaser procs somebody mentioned. And to a ship without APO and PH, they're actually even worse now.

Carriers in general are back to causing big balance issues. But the Danubes are offending on three counts.