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06-01-2012, 08:11 AM
Sorry to say this, but I disagree. The size of the ship doesnít make a difference. Itís the load-out and intended purpose for which it was built. Fed ships are not warships, they are built to be multi-purpose platforms that service a variety of areas including science, exploration, and self-defence. In many cases you saw the Galaxy class outmatched by other smaller vessels with more firepower, yet I think no one will argue the clear exploratory advantages Fed cruisers have like the amazing trek of the cruiser Voyager.

The BoP/Escort is a machine of war. In lore they are built for stealth, offensive hit and run, and are required to have long service life. BoPís have always proven quite capable in combat during almost all of their on-screen engagements, even against the Dominion where the beloved Galaxy and other cruisers clearly struggled. They were built for a specific purpose and therefore deserve somewhat of an edge in combat as a result.

The reference you made to Sisko's off-hand comment about the Defiant has less to do with escorts and more to do with Starfleet doctrine. Starfleet most likely considered ships that small as shuttles for which the defiant would be overpowered. But as a small attack ship (aka escort) itís well matched against other larger ships and is the reason its quad cannons are so effective.

Letís look at it this way. If you had limited manufacturing capability and were in the middle of a brutal war, would you focus your development on cheaper, smaller Defiant class that requires minimal crew and focuses on weaponry? Or build Galaxy class starships each requiring a crew over 1000, more materials, and more complex construction?

Your idea about PvP is good, but the problem with any conquest PvP is imbalance. I think you are grossly underestimating the disparity between populations of KDF and Feds. no one is going to find it fun to hit the insta-kill button which would be the 1 KDF vs 20 Feds battle. If this were activated feds would always be in control just by sheer numbers unless you capped it somehow. Which, of course, defeats the whole conquest imperative that there should be no cap. So this idea needs more thought.