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06-01-2012, 09:33 AM
Originally Posted by brian334
Without new blood PvP fails. We need to attract more players, not give them more excuses to avoid PvP.

The incentive to PvP isn't the gear, it never was. Nor will gear specific to PvP attract players who aren't interested in PvP. You may get some farmers to grind out the sets but, bonus achieved, they go away never to return.

Many players come to PvP curious, only to get blown away and never return. Instead of spending dev time on gimmicks, spend those same dev hours on balance, a working matchmaker system, and a method to bend the learning curve so that new PvP'ers aren't insta-ganked.

Adding more gear to separate the PvP player from the casual player will have the opposite of the intended effect: it will create in the minds of the non- or would-be- PvP'er that without gear he can't succeed at PvP, and without success in PvP he can't get gear. Justified or not, this concept will do more harm to PvP than any shineys and omg consoles can heal.
Then why have PvE sets? If you dont have borg gear are you liability when doing stfs with your team? Having sets really killed the reason for having non-set gear. I would not be opposed if they removed or changed sets though.