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06-01-2012, 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by Raudl View Post
1.) if somebody leaves without rolling...the rest have to wait until the timer is out.
2.) if somebody rolled...and left he may still win the roll, but never get it...and nobody will get it.
3.) if somebody thinks he is smart and waits until the end to roll, and others already left. he may still lose the roll and the loot stays in the box.

if you practice one of the 3 mentioned above, i welcome you to my ignore list because thats just ignorant to do when playing with other people.

and also all 3 of the above may have happened to cause what has happend to the OP. I doubt it to be a BUG, just an inconvenience of the looting system, which needs improvement to eliminate ignorant behaviour of certain individuals.

if you leave, you are out of the roll...if you rolled and left before rolling ended, loot needs to go to the second highest, and nobody should be able to leave until all loot is rolled for.
Good Information. These are the small tidbits that new players to STF "NEED TO KNOW" from the experienced players. I have gotten my loot and left early; mainly because I didn't know this simple fact. I will comply and stay in the instance longer from now on.

And who knows, maybe Cryptic will start taking the lost loot and placing them in lock boxes.