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Originally Posted by Sworoth View Post
I wouldnt say cruisers need to be invincible but I do think they should have the most fire power. Lets take my ship for example. I fly an assault cruiser armed to the teeth with MXI purple gear. In my escort I take down any ship in a matter of seconds in my cruiser my shields drop so fast that its not even funny. My weapon damage is just not there. Maybe your right, maybe its me not the game, but I am just going by what I see.

As for nerfs I am not calling for any nerfs unless allot of people agree on it. I am just one player, its not my place to call for nerfs. If you read my post I was just making a point that the cruiser should maybe have more a higher power level weapon damage then a escort. Perhaps I need to relook at a few things, if what you say is true, then I am defiantly missing something.
Well for your first point, and I'm not being smug about this and apologize if I do - But it probably is you. Cruisers are easy to tank, if you make your build right you can handle the damage of multiple ships rather easily. You can build your ship in PvP where other players attacking you is a huge waste of time(which, in the meantime, your escort comrades can pick them off one by one), but I'll admit, it's a rather boring build to play. But I have seen people who can tank and take down ships rather easily in a cruiser.

As for giving them more weapon power than escorts, well, if you do that you're taking away the only strength that escorts have. Not sure if you've played an escort but they have significantly lower shields and hull than any other ships, they're VERY fragile. If you don't make your first alpha count then your pretty much screwed and your especially screwed if you're against an opponent who knows how to keep you from escaping - Rendering the whole purpose of being a hit and run ship useless.

I don't know, I just never personally stressed any specific class of ship in game. I've beaten all ships with ease but have gotten owned by the same variety.

As a BoP flyer, yeah, I get my one shot kills, but you'd also be amazed by how many cruisers can tank against my alphas where I'm giving it everything I got.

Also I'd like to point out that there's escort captains out there who raises the polar opposite concerns as you do. Where you think cruisers should get more weapon power, they think escorts should get more hull and/or shields. This comes from the idea that cruisers can heal more than the dps that escorts can put out.

I don't agree with them even though I'm mostly an escort player, but I disagree with them for the same reasons why I disagree with you - It's all in the captain. If you're in a cruiser and can't tank against an escort then you're not doing something right, if you can't bring a cruiser's shields down in an escort then you're not doing something right. Those players are simply better than you,and it's a hard thing to face, I had to face that there's a lot of players in ships of all varieties that's better than me, but it's the truth and you can't expect the Devs to bend the system in favor of your ship (such as asking cruisers to get higher weapon power).