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06-01-2012, 01:33 PM
Nearly all CSE But in all seriousness, last night playing ISE! I immediately announced 10% rule is in effect and someone destroys the generator before the other 3 was ready. One guy leaves the match right than and I'm left in my MVAE with MK XII antiprotons and quantums and three others in beam boats.

It now becomes a free for all, two guys trying to take out normal spheres, one the transformer while the nanite sphere repairing and me prioritizing and concentrating on the nanite spheres. Finally I say take out nanites, than transformer, and than regular spheres and we finally take out the left transformer.

I tell the team thats why there is a 10% rule and than what happens to the right side, someone blows the generator before the other three are ready. Another 5-7 minutes of futility go by and finally I told this weak *** team that I have had it and will take the 1 hr ditch penalty. Insane!!

Having started STFs just this past Saturday and only completed 96 normal and elite space missions this by far was my worst experience though I know there is more to come! Oddly enough I did not get the 1hr penalty when I left that match.