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06-01-2012, 03:09 PM
Originally Posted by Asmick View Post
There is more to it than that behind the scenes but ill give you that he was peeved alright.
I think the difficulty here is that, I'm not sure you can expect fans to embrace this change when STOked isn't being entirely candid about the reasons behind it.

I'm obviously paraphrasing but, you are sort of saying "We know some stuff about whats about to happen to this game that would make your toes curl......but we can't tell you. But, we are also ending b/c of lots of personal reasons as well. But mainly we are mad at PWE......So blame them for destroying this great video podcast which has more viewers than the game has players with their information embargo. They are really slapping the community in the face.....BUT Hooray! We aren't cancelling or retreating we are actually Boldly Going forth into radio! Wait, why isn't everyone really excited about this?"

I don't mean to be glib but I feel like there is a real elephant in the room: why is STOked going off the air? Until people understand the decision much better than it has been presented, its hard to be excited about the change to be honest.

That said, perhaps revealing more information is literally impossible. In that case, I applaud you for doing what is necessary to protect your sources.

I wish you well. I think Asmick could do a fine radio podcast and I do personally intend to give it a listen.

I'm just trying to explain why the disappointment of fans is being manifested the way it has. It might not be your fault, but there hasn't been good communication about why this podcast is leaving.