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06-01-2012, 05:23 PM
first: great post! love what I'm reading!

Guess the only fair way would be to judge each ship against the rest of the team.

but should they be rewarded for using the skills they are best at, or for performing well at something they're not ideal for? In other words, to we wish to force players into playing the ship exactly as it was designed for?

If each ship should be judged by how it performs, rather than how it does what the ship was originally built for, a cruiser:
- should get higher score than an escort for big spikes of damage, but not for sustained damage
- should get lower score for healing than an escort, but higher score than a sciship for crowd control

but if we want the cruisers to be used only for tanking and healing, the cruiser can be judged by it's healing exclusively. Much easier to make a formula for this score, but not encouraging varied builds...

going to be interresting to see how this turns out...